21st Century Prediction

This application allows one to predict a number, word, drawing or any other information that a person might name. It is intended for mentalists, magicians and other mystery entertainers and is priced accordingly. Of course, anyone may purchase the application but please be aware that it will require time and practice to create a compelling deception.

If you’ve ever wanted to fool family, friends or co-workers with something they’ll never be able to explain, you’re in the right place. Not only is this the most deceptive app in the App Store, but most importantly it DOESN’T LOOK LIKE AN APP! Your spectators won’t even be aware that an app is in play.

21st Century Prediction will work by itself, but the illusion is made more powerful by employing a hidden assistant. This assistant will require the “21st Century Prediction Assistant” application (which is FREE!) Here is one video that shows what it looks like without an assistant. We are currently shooting additional videos and will have them available soon.

Bring your creativity to bear to come up with even greater presentations for this app.

If you have any questions about the app, or if you’ve already purchased it but are having issues, please shoot me an email.

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